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Welcome to Holliman's Air Service

Dear Valued Customer,

We at Holliman's Air Service believe in providing our customers with service that goes far beyond the norm. We believe that providing fast, courteous and dependable service should not only be expected but is the minimum requirement for any company in business today.

We believe that the best way of providing service to our customers is to ask them what is important about their HVAC system. There are many variables which affect your heating and cooling system's ability to operate efficiently.

Some of the questions most commonly asked deal with issues such as mold, excessive dust, high utility bills, indoor air quality, humidity and how regular service affects all of these issues.

At Holliman's Air Service we have adopted a very simple philosophy: to provide our customers with top of the line services and products designed to improve their quality of life through cleaner indoor air and lower utility bills.

Clay Holliman

We are a proud member of the Central Georgia BBB.

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